Users Convert Outlook Data File to Notes – Backward Compatibility is Impressive in Notes

Full backward compatibility in Lotus Notes makes its environment better than Microsoft Outlook. Users convert Outlook data file to Notes to work in Notes environment and to keep accessing old Outlook email data.

Spain, February 08, 2010 – As in Lotus Notes, you will not find full backward compatibility in Microsoft Outlook. Many users had been having issues due to the lack of backward compatibility in Outlook. The issues arise when any user in a domain using some version of Outlook, attempts to perform a task on some other workstation with some other Outlook version, gets an error and is unable to perform that task. Many Microsoft Outlook users are looking to Convert Outlook Data File to Notes to work in backward compatible Lotus Notes environment and to keep accessing their old Outlook email data also.

Backward compatibility is a really impressive and one the most remarkable features of Lotus Notes email platform. Lotus Notes provides complete backward compatibility between its various versions. Users can take any Lotus Notes application built in some previous version and run it in a newer Lotus Notes version without needing to convert or rewrite the application. This is one of the reasons of users preferring to work in Notes environment and so they convert PST to NSF.

Lotus Notes is providing full backward and forward compatibility to its users since 1989. Recent versions continue to support same platforms even till today. This compatibility helps a great deal in the co-existence of multiple versions in the same network that make the upgrades easier. Users can upgrade to any new Lotus Notes version, without modifying any existing application to run it in the upgraded environment. To convert Outlook to Notes, users tend to transfer all their email data using third-party software.

To keep accessing old email data stored in Outlook PST files, users Convert Outlook Data file to Notes using third-party software. SysTools Outlook to Notes software is a simple and reliable product to convert PST to NSF.

About SysTools – SysTools Software Group is a prominent software developer Group producing products for data related need of users across continents. Email conversion is one of the most important aspects covered by the company. SysTools Outlook to Notes software is one such email conversion tool which is a solution to convert Outlook data file to Notes. This software is used widely by users to convert Outlook data files to Lotus Notes NSF.

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