Various events are planned throughout the State of Arizona PHO…

Various events are planned throughout the State of Arizona

PHOENIX – LAWFUEL – Law News Network – The Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Phoenix Field Division and the United States Attorney’s Office (USAO) will join several federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and community partners to promote National Methamphetamine Awareness Day on Thursday, November 30, 2006.

The purpose of National Methamphetamine Awareness Day is to generate awareness about the damaging effects of meth abuse on individuals, families and American communities. Education and public outreach are at the heart of this coordinated initiative to increase awareness and decrease demand for this highly addictive and dangerous drug.

“Because meth is so highly addictive and so tough to beat once addiction takes hold, prevention is critical. Enforcement, Education, and Community Awareness all play a key role in reducing and eliminating drugs in our communities,” said DEA Special Agent in Charge Timothy J. Landrum. DEA is proud to be part of this collaborative effort to help educate and train our local communities, so that, together, we can combat this insidious drug.”

U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona Paul K. Charlton stated, “Understanding the dangers of methamphetamine begins with education and awareness, especially for young people. Once it becomes an issue for law enforcement, it’s often too late for the individual caught in its addictive web. On National Methamphetamine Awareness Day, we are partnering with law enforcement and community leaders, parents and educators to help prevent meth addiction before it’s too late.”

Various community awareness and pubic outreach events will take place throughout Arizona as well as those planned in the Phoenix Field Division for National Methamphetamine Awareness Day.

Some of these include Methamphetamine Awareness Training at local middle schools and universities, as well as the health care community; radio spots outlining Methamphetamine Awareness Day; and Public Service Announcements with the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, Arizona Chapter.

Additionally, the Phoenix Field Division will be distributing Meth Fact Sheets and Brochures (both in English and in Spanish) throughout the state. Media interested in covering some of these events, should contact Special Agent Ramona Sanchez at (602) 664-5725.

DEA has launched a website as part of its ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of the drug. The anti-drug website, , is devoted to and designed by teenagers. It includes the hard facts about methamphetamine with startling photos and personal stories.

Further, as part of the ongoing effort to combat meth use, the Department of Justice created a model methamphetamine educational presentation in addressing meth use in local communities. The presentation is posted on the Department’s new meth Awareness Web site:

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