VOLUNTOURISM Proves A Hit with the Over 40s as Bookings Rise 51% In 2010

As well as being a popular holiday option for the younger generation, overseas volunteering company Original Volunteers has seen a steady rise in bookings from the over 40’s, especially for locations outside the Euro zone.

Original Volunteers figures show the number of holiday bookings from the over 40’s has doubled over the past 12 month period.

Traditionally viewed as a ‘gap year’ holiday, the ability to Volunteer Overseas has become increasingly fashionable with a generation keen to experience a ‘holiday with a difference’ once children have flown the nest. Additionally, adults seeking a challenge or professionals looking for a worthwhile Sabbatical break are increasingly booking overseas volunteering holidays.

Many choose to travel out of season, when they can provide an essential helping hand on projects when they are quieter, typically in October, March and May.

With volunteering projects starting from as little as £35 per week including accommodation, being able to volunteer abroad is quickly becoming seen as a viable holiday option, particularly in times of recession.

Original Volunteers has close links to over 100 different projects in countries such as Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nepal and Thailand, delivering bespoke experiences for each traveller, matching them to a team or cause which suits their personality, skills, aims and goals.
With 80% of volunteers travelling on their own this is the perfect way to meet new like minded people. Travelling in groups of on average five to ten people volunteers often become friends for life and sometimes a little bit more!

Research carried out by The American Express Currency Index has shown an increase in British people choosing long haul destinations as a result of a weakened pound against the US dollar and the Euro. With long haul destination representing better value for money in the currency stakes.

Programmes Director, Caroline Revell comments: “With people starting to count the pennies this is a great way to feel you are getting real value from your holiday. It’s a great way to travel as well as do some of the most crucial charity work you will ever do. Volunteering abroad will help you gain new skills, self-confidence, meet new people, widen horizons, challenge perceptions and, above all, ensure that impoverished or remote communities have the support to develop.”

“The hardest part was going home!” This may sound like the end to most holidays but what if this statement was actually true? How many holidays have you been on that have not only changed your life but also changed someone else’s life for the better?

Original Volunteers is giving people the opportunity to do this in over 18 countries around the world.

For more details Visit: www.Originalvolunteers.co.uk

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