Warrior Forum WSO Report Shows Gurus’ Top WordPress Plugins

At a time when Google is becoming much more discerning regarding how website owners make money online, the age of the ‘shiny plugin’ has dimmed somewhat as internet marketers increasingly realise that to provide any sort of fancy plugin for WordPress sites risks upsetting the Google algorithym, or their human gatekeepers.

A new Warrior Special Offer report on the Warrior Forum took a survey of some of the top-rated ‘guru approved’ plugins actually used by online gurus to make money online and keep their sites safe.

The brand new Guru Essentials report, described by one online marketer as “pure gold” outlines the VERY FEW WordPress plugins actually used by online Warriors like Craig Mako, Anthony Devine, Tony Marriott, Mark Ling, Daniel Tan, Steve Clayton and others who were surveyed and interviewed for the Guru Essentials report.

If you are worried about which plugins you should be using to avoid slaps like the recent Penguin update from Google, then you should definately obtain this invaluable, fresh and originally researched report on what the best online marketers in the world are using for their own WordPress plugins.

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