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Sydney, Australia, 23rd Feb, 2010 – Web Business Age, ‘industry engine’ for Web business and online marketing industry was launched successfully in November. It offers essential reading and resources for corporate marketing professionals and business owner-marketers in the online world.
Web Business Age, located at http://www.webbusinessage.com, targets a global audience of Web business managers and owners and is developed by Simplogy Web Business Pty. Ltd. based in Sydney with a team of journalists and digital industry professionals in New Delhi, Chennai, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Sydney, Manila and Dunedin (NZ). The editorial section is managed by Hasnain Zaheer, a Web business and marketing strategy consultant.
Web Business Age aims to help corporate marketing professionals and business owner-marketers in two ways: it offers a blog and a directory for their reading and reference. The blog updates you with practical ideas, tips and tutorials to help create great online business strategies, build usable sites, run great Web teams, write compelling content, information on corporate blogging, stretch your search engine marketing dollars, utilize social media, learn the new PR, and more. The directory makes available information about a limited number of the best products, tools, technologies, consultants, service-providers, Web resources, training, books, white papers and articles that can help you in your online marketing practice.
Hasnain Zaheer, managing editor of Web Business Age and its founder said, “No wonder, businesses want to reach, engage and interact with online users. They are looking for ideas, people and processes to thrive in the age of Web business. The question is how they can do so without resorting to the traditional ‘push’ marketing. We hope to provide them that missing link.”
Web Business Age is brought to you by a team of professionals that has the right mix of experience in online marketing practice, corporate marketing leadership and business journalism while offering excellent resources on corporate blogging, digital marketing, social media optimization, multichannel marketing and various other aspects.
Web Business Age is a part of Simplogy Web Business Pty. Ltd., which is a Sydney based company and is one of the pioneering and leading players in digital strategy consulting and online marketing services.
For more information:
About Web Business Age: http://www.webbusinessage.com/Aboutus
Online presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/hzaheer/introduction-to-web-business-age

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