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Wellington and Woodland Hills, Calif., July 11 (JY&A Media) – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – Lucire has appeared in everything from The Christian Science Monitor to Women’s Wear Daily, but the publication of a new American textbook, Fashion Marketing, may mark the first time a New Zealand-owned fashion magazine has appeared in this realm.

Lucire is listed by authors Gigi Gano Ekstrom and Margaret Justiss as
a ‘Hot Property’, alongside Ugg, Nautica, Oakley and Benefit Cosmetics.
Only 14 companies were chosen.

Lucire has been used in academia before: founding publisher Jack Yan
says he remembers granting permissions for Australian universities, and he
has seen several other tertiary courses in the United States referring to
it. Nor is it the first time one of his ventures has wound up being a
“textbook case”.

However, Glencoe and McGraw-Hill’s Fashion Marketing, produced in
association with DECA, the Fashion Group International and Business Week,
is probably the most significant text given the marketing power of its

‘It’s pleasing to be noticed by the educational sector given our
brand’s reputation Stateside,’ says Mr Yan. ‘We’ve always known that Lucire
is strong in the United States. And now, it’s gaining strength here at home.’

Nicola Brockie, editor-in-chief of Lucire, was delighted at the brands
which accompanied the magazine.

‘We’ve always known that we had huge recognition in New York fashion
circles, but it’s so much nicer when someone else draws a comparison with
other well known brands for you,’ she says.

Lucire launched as a online fashion magazine in 1997. In 2004, it
became the first web site in its sector to spin off a print magazine. In
2005, it became the first web site in the world to spawn two print
editions, one in New Zealand and one in Romania. Unbeknownst to many for a
long time, the magazine was always New Zealand-owned, tending to garner
more attention overseas than it did back home.

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About Lucire
Lucire, the global fashion magazine (), started on
the web in 1997. In October 2004, it became the first magazine in its
sector to extend its brand into a print magazine. By May 2005, it had
launched in two countries, becoming the first web magazine to spawn two
print editions.

Prior to launching in print, Lucire was the top pure-play fashion site
on the web, according to data from Alexa. it covers fashion, beauty, travel
and lifestyle, with a global perspective for today’s woman. It is known for
providing in-depth, quality journalism. The magazine is targeted at the
woman who is tired of the offerings from established fashion players, and
chooses to be herself.

Lucire received a Webby Award nomination in 2003 and became the first
fashion industry partner of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP,
). It was Official Internet Partner of L’Oréal New
Zealand Fashion Week for 2002–3, a media sponsor of the inaugural San
Francisco Fashion Week, and Official Media Partner of Stockholm FashionDays
for 2004–5 and Fashion Week of the Americas in 2005.

Despite spinning off into print, Lucire’s web site remains one of the
most highly ranked, ranking second in Google for fashion magazine. It is
headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand and published by Lucire LLC. For
print edition information, see .

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