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Wellington, New Zealand – LAWFUEL.com – Law News Network – Miss Alice, aka Dr Bob Moodie, appearing in the High Court at Wellington on contempt charges, claims there was a fraud on the Coroner’s Court enquiring into the collapse of the Berryman’s bridge, which had been built by the Army and collapsed killing a man in 1994.

“The Army knew what was said to the Coroner was a pack of lies,” Miss Alice/Dr Moodie said. He claimed it amounted to a fraud on the enquiry.

Crown lawyers want the Miss Alice to be struck off the lawyers’ register for alleged professional misconduct. Miss Alice has said, and reiterated today, that he would quit law if there was any finding against him following the current hearing, before Justices Baragwanath, Hansen and Potter.

In this morning’s Court hearing, he alleged that the reason for the “death trap” bridge had been the failure to protect transoms with flashings and using untreated Oregon timber.

This evidence was available in the so-called ‘Butcher report’, which Moodie published after a Court order suppressing the report.

Moodie said he would do the same thing again “tomorrow”.

To his claim of fraud upon the Coroner’s Court, Justice Baragwanath said th3e Court had difficulty making any such finding when no such allegation had been made, nor placed “fairly and squarely” to any witness.

The hearing contines.

Video of ‘Miss Alice’s’ court appearance today may shortly be viewed on www.LawFuel.com.

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