What Causes Sensitive Skin

A large number of people are affected by dry skin, acne, redness, sunburn etc. which are all caused by sensitive skin. There are many causes for your skin becoming too sensitive. One of major reasons is stress. You should never underestimate the effects of stress on your body and take it lightly. Constant changes in the weather and extreme changes in the atmosphere can reduce the moisture in the air and can cause imbalance in the oil levels of your skin making it extra sensitive. Another important cause is age. Age can have a huge effect on your skin. People of different ages have different hormone reactions affects the amount of oils in your skin. Even the usage of dyes and fragrances affect your sensitive skin a lot. They contain a lot of artificial and chemical products which irritate your skin and harm it. Even heavy pollution has a fair affect on your skin. When there is heavy pollution, the dirt and the dust in the atmosphere gets build up on the skin which interferes the secretion of protective oils from the glands or either causes excessive secretion resulting in oily skin. People are not aware of this but bad eating habits and having excessive amounts of baths and showers can aggravate the damage to your skin. Last but one of the major causes of sensitive skin is long use of cosmetics, prolonged use of cosmetics, using low quality cosmetics and using the wrong cosmetics. Certain cosmetic products block the pores of the skin and make the condition worse.

So basically, sensitive skin is a thin is fine-textured skin. It reacts quickly to any unfavorable whether internal or external condition. It reacts instantly to any change in temperature as well, both heat and wind. Such skin is easily prone to wind burns and sunburns. Sensitive skin is commonly dry, delicate and is prone to skin allergic reactions. Changes in temperature, some detergents, cosmetics and products with alcohol content can all cause irritation, leaving the skin red and patchy with visible veins. If you have such skin you should go for skin care body lotion, skin care sensitive skin which soothes your irritated skin. While buying such lotions you should keep in mind that the lotion should contain at least one of the following essential oils: Chamomile, Lavender, Neola, Rose and Sandalwood. The presence of at least one of these essential oils aids in the process of healing and soothing the skin. The skin responds to the right kind of care. But it is necessary to understand the needs of your skin and give it appropriate and regular care. This type of skin care requires appropriate skin care body lotion and skin care sensitive skin. So to meet all your skin are requirements including skin care body lotion and skin care sensitive skin, we have a wide range of products to soothe your skin and to improve it day by day following the usage of our products. Moreover we offer huge discounts on bulk orders skin care body lotion and skin care sensitive skin.

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