What Is An Aion Account And How To Sell One

Aion is a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) and a hugely popular one, along with the likes of Eve Online account, Champions online accounts and the ubiquitous World of Warcraft. The game is played all over the world with fervour and the trading of Aion accounts is becoming increasingly prevalent for reasons including commercial considerations. Those who’re new to the game can conveniently buy an Aion account while those who’ve played it for many years and are looking to get away from the game can sell it on several websites in a profitable manner.

In today’s day and age, gamers who are eagerly looking to sell their Aion accounts don’t need to strive hard and sweat it out. The advent of new, modern gaming trading websites has come as a boon to both buyers and sellers of Aion accounts. Just logon to the web, do a search on the number and the kind of websites offering such services, and you’ve already won half the battle. Websites these days offer you a plethora of value-added-services alongside trading features and help you carry out the transaction in a safe and secure manner. How one wishes that things were as simple as that!

If you’re looking to sell your Aion accounts, you do need to follow a number of steps and take several precautions to conduct your transactions safely. Burgeoning competition in the online gaming sector makes it important for you to do your homework properly before arriving at the decision to select a particular website for selling Aion accounts. It would be prudent for you to undertake a thorough research to trace a website that is reliable and laden with helpful features.

When you do manage to find such a website, you subsequently need to locate the buyer who’d be interested in purchasing your specific Aion account. But before that, you need to adopt a sound promotional strategy to make the account look attractive and set the pricing right. In fact, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your Aion account inside out in order to present it as an attractive proposition. If you feel that the Aion account is too basic to fetch you a decent sum of money, take corrective measures and resort to power levelling and enrich its features. Seek advice of you have to, and make your product look marketable.

Most websites conduct the trading of gaming accounts by way of auctions wherein you, as a seller, place your ad with all relevant details including pricing and then wait for the buyer to signal his interest and offer you a quote. If your selling price matches with their buying price, then the deal goes through. In this context, it is pertinent to note here that you must try and make your ads, particularly your title, sound very interesting. Include specific details about your Aion account in your title itself and make your pricing very clear. Include screenshots of the gamer and pictures if the need arises.

Finally, when you do finalize as to at what price you’d sell the Aion account to, ask the buyer to pay you via PayPal and save all communication taken place between the two of you through emails for possible reference in the future, and try to get the payment before the account transfer takes place to the buyer.

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