What is pre-valuation screening of ERP package

Search for a suitable ERP system starts when an company decides to implement an ERP system. It is not an easy procedure because there are hundreds of ERP vendors, all claiming to have a system that is suitable for your organization. It is not practically possible to evaluate each every package. Therefore it is better to limit the number of packages that are evaluated to less than five. It is always better to do a thorough and detailed evaluation of a small number of packages, than going a superficial analysis of dozens of packages. Hence, the company should do a pre-evaluation screening to limit the number of packages that are to be evaluated by the committee.

Not all packages are equal – each has its own strengths and weakness. The pre evaluation process should eliminate those packages that are not suitable for the company’s business processes. One can closely screen the few best packages by carefully studying at the product literature, getting proper guidance from professional consultants. Companies must also look for the packages that are used by companies which are in the same field. http://www.eresourceerp.com/points-to-be-remembered-while-choosing-an-ERP.html

While making the pre-evaluation screening it would be a good idea to look at the origins of the different packages. As there is a wrong conception that a system that was developed initially for manufacturing industry is not capable of catering to the needs of another business. With a proper understanding of the functional method of a particular field and its business process, the developers could make the necessary changes in the system which will obviously cater to the need of the particular industry in a successful way.

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