What Makes Scentsy Warmers Unique

What is a Candle Warmer and how do they work? Scentsy warmers are a unique ceramic pot in over 50 different styles and colors. What makes them unique is that they are electric and use a low wattage light bulb to melt the scented wax instead of an open flame. Each warmer has a top on it that is removable. You simply put one or two cubes of Scentsy wax in the top of the warmer, turn on the warmer, and within minutes the wonderful scent you have chosen begins to fill the room. Scentsy warmers are as safe as a night light. Because they use a very low wattage bulb (either a 25 or 20 watt), you can leave them on through the day and even at night.

There are many different collections of Scentsy warmers to accommodate an taste or décor. The Art Deco collection is modern with art deco-era designs and high gloss reactive glaze finishes. The Imperial Collection is reminiscent of royal coats of arms with its raised medallions and scalloped design. The Cascade Collection blends with a more nature or organic design. The Classic Collection is very simple with its soft square shape and matte finish. This collection would go with any décor. The Miracle Collection is a modern version of the cross and has been very popular. There are also many whimsical styles such as Fore!, for the golf lover, Paws, for the pet lover, and Lodge, for the hunter/fisherman.

Scentsy uses only the highest quality ceramic material and each warmer is hand crafted by professionals. The glazes and paint processes they use make each warmer unique but of the highest quality. Scentsy warmers also have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. This warranty is very impressive considering the warmers start at only $25. The Scentsy warmer wouldn’t be special without its partner, the Scentsy bar. Scentsy bars are uniquely formulated wax bars, made to use in the Scentsy warmers. This wax melts at a low melting point and has an incredible scent throw. When you pair this wax with the warmer, you have a product that can scent your home quickly and safely. These warmers can start to work within minutes of turning it on. They work must more quickly than a traditional candle because you are only melting a small section of wax, not a whole jar. This also makes using a Scentsy warmer very cost effective.

When you compare the cost of using a Scentsy warmer to using a traditional wicked jar candle, you can really see the savings. Here is a breakdown of the difference in cost: First some facts from the National Candle Organization: Us retail sales of candles are estimate at approximately $2 billion annually, excluding sales of candle accessories. Candles are used in seven out of ten U.S. households. Two-thirds of candles purchasers say they use candles at least once a week or more often. For our example below, we will use the above statistics as a guideline for our comparison. Let’s say an average household burns one candle a month with a burn time of approximately 50-80 hours.

Candle Warmer -$30 plus 12 candle bars = $80 (1 candle bar per month- tax & shipping not included) Scentsy candle bars will warm an average of 40-60 hours. Jar candle- 12x $18.95 (16oz) = $227.40 (1 jar candle per month- tax & shipping not included) Candle burns an average of 40-60 hours. Let’s check the savings Jar Candle $227.40 Scentsy $80 = $147.40 Scentsy Savings and you still have your beautiful Scentsy Candle Warmer. A one time purchase!!! When you consider the safety and health benefits combined with the additional savings over a jar candle, why would you buy anything else other than Scentsy candle bars and warmers? To buy Scentsy warmers or find out more about other Scentsy products, please visit my website www.scents2buy.com. Written by Lisa Murdock Independent Scentsy Director.

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