Whirlpool Kicks Off ‘Kitchen Clean Up Month’

With the winter weather slowly on it’s way out at last, it’s definitely time for spring to begin. As every homeowner knows, though, that also means one thing: the spring clean! Yes, it’s time to give those kitchen appliances a brutal once-over in order to get them back to that sparkling brand-new state they were in when purchased. In order to encourage this, noted kitchen manufacturer Whirlpool has announced their second annual ‘Kitchen clean up’ month.

The month will involve various experts from the Institute of Kitchen Science offering to help consumers transform the state of their kitchen through the distribution of advice, clever (and simple) fixes and a variety of other pieces of advice. As well as this, the consumers will also be given some extra motivation (never a bad thing when it comes to housework!), with Whirlpool offering the opportunity to win one of their new ENERGY STAR qualified dishwashers.

With the month divided up into sections, there will be plenty of opportunity for those involved to focus on their various Kitchen Appliances in turn. The first week will be based around the refrigerator, the second around the range cooker, the third around the microwave and the fourth around the dishwasher with all the weeks leading to expert advice unique to that particular appliance.

Whilst cleaning is all well and good, there is no doubt that the prize itself will be the focus for many consumers, so how do you go about winning it? Well, there are two ways to do so that those who are more social media savvy will love. Firstly, you can log on to the Facebook page for the Institude of Kitchen Science and enter the sweepstakes there. Alternatively, go hunting on Twitter and find @kitchenschi and simply retweet their call to action in order to enter. The winner will be chosen at random from the list of participants, and will receive the highly recommended tall tub dishwasher directly from Whirlpool.

This latest promotion from the leading experts at Whirlpool is undoubtedly one that will go a long way to involving a wide variety on consumers in the company’s ongoing quest to achieve higher and higher standards in the world of kitchen appliances. With nearly one hundred years of experience in this field, it is little surprise to see that Whirlpool are still leading the way well into the 21st century.

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