Who Goes On A Cruise Holiday These Days?

Cruise holidays have been the mainstay of the holiday industry for a long time. They have had a reputation for being shall we say for the more elderly holidaymakers. In the 21st century this could not be further from the truth. New cruise liners have every facility, for every age to keep everyone happy no matter how active or lazy they choose to be on holiday. With gymnasiums and running tracks around the decks and sun loungers to laze around on all day, everyone should be happy if.

On a recent cruise around the Caribbean, guests on board work asked to comment on the experience and state if they were first time cruisers, they were also asked their profession, for marketing tracking purposes. The general consensus from the first timers was that it was an excellent experience, the restaurants, cafes and bars provided fantastic food and snacks available 24 hours a day, the entertainment was much better than they had expected and the majority would repeat the experience. The most surprising aspect of the survey was the response to the question about work. People came from every profession and every social tier in society, from doctors to school janitors.

Some comments deserve special mention, from Mary a Licensed Professional Counselor in LA, who wrote, “From the first moment of stepping on board, I felt this was the kind of holiday I have always wanted and believe I deserved. The staff has gone out of their way to make everyone feel special and taking care of, whether they were staying in the super executive state rooms on the upper decks or in the economy rooms on the lower decks. We have all been made to feel like movie stars”.

From Tony, a police officer from New York, “Each restaurant and café each had its own specialties and certain atmospheres, for those that wanted to eat 24 hours a day the option was there and they could never get bored with the massive choice they had. Even my wife, who will admit herself that she is the most difficult person to please when it comes to food, as she is a very good cook herself, has probably put on 6 pounds”.

From Jeff, a Louisiana Licensed Social Worker, “I was not looking forward to this holiday; the idea of being cooped up on a ship for 10 days filled me with dread. I am very active and sporty sort of person and did not see myself as the type to lie around in the sun on a cruise ship. But my partner can be very persuasive, so I agreed to come along. We will be coming back again and again, the gym on board was much better than the one I go to order a daily basis”.

If it seems to be impossible now to generalize on whom holidays on a cruise, you might even find yourself having that experience very soon too, if you’re lucky.

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