Windows 8 – Opening the Door on Windows – Microsoft is hoping that is Windows 8 application will change the way in which tablet operating systems operate, an area that Microsoft has lost out in previously.

Microsoft has provided a detailed look at its new Windows operating system at a presentation in Anaheim and is hoping its new software will help propel it to the forefront over Macs OS X operating system and take on Apple’s iPad.

Whether the Windows 8 is up to the job or not will depend upon a number of factors. The system has not adopted the Apple app look and rather taken a completely different path by taking its own so-called “metro” path which uses not just fingers and touchscreen, but a mouse, stylus and keyboard.

But the success of Windows 8 will still depend upon Apps and Microsoft will be hoping that the apps and developers will enhance and enshrine their new software to make it as indispensible as its main rival has become. Time will tell for Windows 8.

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