WL Marketing Breaks New Ground In SEO Submission Services

WL Marketing has announced a slew of new search engine optimization (SEO) submission services. The package includes over 4000 directory submissions, submissions to a number of social bookmarking websites, and press release posting.

Warren Gong, the co-founder of the company and a computer science graduate from Cornel University, said that the company’s aim is to provide result-oriented and clutter-free service to clients.

He points out that submitting to web directories is one of the surefire methods to attract the attention of search engine software. The conventional wisdom, which may not be always correct, too tells that the more the number of directory submissions, the better will be the chances of a website featuring at the top of search engine results.

According to him the number of back links to a particular website is a major factor in determining the search engine ranking of the website. As most people are aware of, web directories allow a website to publish an article about its services and put a link to the website at the end of the article. The company, its co-founder says, plans to utilize articles to increase the number of back links to a particular website.

WL Marketing now offers a single package that would allow 4000 directory submissions. This is one of the largest packages available now in terms of the number of submissions.

Gong says that they have taken sufficient steps to overcome the problems associated with bulk submissions. One common problem with bulk submitting of articles to directories is the risk of getting booked by search engine software. Most leading search engine software tools now check vigilantly for spam article entries.

The trick, according to Gong, lies in making the articles look genuine, and not spam. The company completes the article submission process to 4000 directories slowly – usually over a four-month period.

Gong says WL Marketing offers great flexibility to customers. For example, he says, if customers have already submitted an article to a particular directory, the company does not submit it again. In other words, customers have the option of picking and choosing their article directories.

Gong elaborates that the company has expertise in new web tools too. He cites the company’s use of social book-marking websites for SEO submissions as an example of its innovative use of Web 2.0. He adds that the company offers unique bookmarks that will not get buried among the clutter of general bookmarks.

He believes that press releases too are a functional SEO method. The company’s policy is to publish neatly written press release that will have many takers on the Internet. According to him, not only it spreads the word about the website, but it also increases the number of back links. WL Marketing offers submission service to various top press release websites.

Gong singles out flexibility as the best feature of the company. He refers to the options the company provides to a customer: customers can either submit their own articles or entrust the company to write and publish articles. He believes this policy will provide cost advantage to customers as they need to pay only for the service they choose.

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