WL Marketing Provides The Best Directory Submission Services

WL Marketing has made it really easy for companies to achieve higher ranks for their websites. There are various search engines, and every business enterprise wishes to feature in top 10 search results. Higher search engine ranking leads to increased business opportunities. The technique employed to improve page ranking is called search engine optimization. WL Marketing is one such company that provides SEO services for its clients. The company also takes special care to select the best and most suitable categories for directory submission.

SEO is the process that is done on a continuous basis to improve the traffic to a website, a webpage, or a blog from search engines, such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, and others. This is done via algorithms. The higher a site appears in the search result, the more visitors it will attract. SEO targets not only text, but also various searches, such as local, image, video, news, blog, and vertical search. A good web presence is indispensible for a website to get good business.

The following are some of the advantages of directory submissions and search engine optimization:

• Brand Building: Directory submissions are very helpful in brand building by increasing brand awareness.
• Link Building: Links to client’s webpage can be popularized by submissions in various directories.
• Keyword Targeting: By using a keyword-focused anchor text, even better directory submissions can be done.
• Increased Bot Visit: Search engine robots are called bots. Higher bot visits mean higher search rank.

Directory submissions provided by WL Marketing are of three categories. There are various plans in the first two categories. These are not only effective, but also very economical.

1. Normal Submissions: These are done in English language. There are 19 different plans on offer. Customers can go for the most suitable one, keeping their needs in mind. The charges range from $4.4 to $230.
2. Foreign Language Submissions: These three plans of directory submissions are available in German language. The charges range from $50 to $155.
3. Special Submissions: Client’s website is submitted to DMOZ in the correct category. A fee of $10 is charged for this service, and the completion time is four days.

The lead time differs according to the type and size of the directory submission plan chosen by the client. Every submission is double-checked for any errors to maximize the acceptance rate in directories. The higher the acceptance rate, the higher the page ranks.

About WL Marketing

CO-founded by a graduate of the prestigious Cornell University, this company is a leader in providing search engine optimization services. Its terms are flexible, and customer support is also very strong. The company is based in the United States. The SEO services provided by the company are best in the industry.

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