Wooden War at ResearchPaperz.net: Custom Writers Fight Editors in a Chess Tournament

Combining business and pleasure – this is the motto of ResearchPaperz.net. While the very work of a custom writer combines writing customers’ orders with interesting research, the company management has developed this motto even further by diversifying the working procedures of ResearchPaperz.net with various events, meetings and activities that allow its custom writers to have a break from their duties. This time the event proposed by company management was a special one since it exploited the natural rift among the company’s workers – a chess tournament between writers and editors.

“It was already clear from the very first day what the two teams would be,” says chief of the staff department. “You see, writers and editors are kind of natural enemies so it was our primary goal to turn this rivalry into a facetious competition.”

This goal was achieved. Though not all of ResearchPaperz.net workers were initially familiar with chess, all participants trained for several weeks and the writers’ team even hired a professional chess player.

Thus, two teams were finally able to face each other last week in the evening. After a silent but stubborn struggle editors won despite the extensive training of their counterparts.

More detailed information on the company’s events can be found at researchpaperz.net website or through the customer care center available online 24/7.

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