Workshop For Performance In Life And Business

Contact: Coach Cameron Roberts
Cell phone: 0425 287 506
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Workshop For Performance In Life And Business

AUS- Is your organisation Leaping Through Life or are they suffering from high rates of absenteeism, presenteeism and workplace fatigue? Could you team do with a boost in energy, motivation, performance and productivity?

Discover how Coach Cameroon Roberts can help you and your team discover how to improve personal performance and have an abundant amount of energy and greater health. Coach Cameron is conducting a workshop, entitled “Leaping Through Your Life” that will be held on the 16th of June from 6:30pm to 8:00pm in Newcastle – NSW Australia. This event would give an insight into greater health, abundant energy, and balanced living for Business Owners, Executive Professionals, Team Leaders and Corporate Workers. For more information, you can contact us on +61425 287 506 or for bookings, you can log on to

Coach Cameron is a man who knows what Personal Performance and Energy Management is all about. He has even pushed his own body to the limits and beyond, completing four Iron-man Triathlons and in 2010, at age 39 years, he accomplished an Ultra Distance 24 hour non-stop solo event which rose over $20,000 for World Vision.

Apart from his area of expertise, he has coached over 130 State Medal winners and over 30 national medal winners in the sports of triathlons, swimming and surf live saving. Coach Cameron has also trained everyday people to lose massive amounts of weight. Every weight loss client that he personally works with typically loses 20 kilograms in 10 to 20 weeks all without dieting.

This event will motivate you to face difficulties and challenges, be it life or business. You will learn about the dirty little secrets the diet and food industry keep from you. You will also discover what types of exercise and activity burns fat the fastest. Coach Cameron will enlighten you on the reason for lower absenteeism with your teams and your workplace. He will guide you in finding out some simple steps to improve performance whilst reducing stress and workplace fatigue. Any leader, manager, parent or business owner looking to change their energy, vitality, health and fitness must attend this presentation. Being an attendee at this performance and leadership coaching you will receive a 2 for 1 offer. You can bring along a friend at no extra cost. You will also get a 20 minute audio program on how to create a life worth living by changing some of your habits that are holding back. So hurry, come and be a part of this extraordinary workshop and witness your life change for good!

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