Workshop on Leadership and Management Training

With the advent of a new year the ambience is full of new hopes and aspirations. Past year as we all know was a disastrous one for many industries which were gulped by the whirlpool of recession accompanied by the typhoon of inflation. Not only small firms but the well established giants are also enlisted in the inventory of victims. But the circumstances are gradually changing and paving way for better and cumulative circumstances for the business worldwide. We must endure the lessons that we can learn from the past year and strive towards better foundations which shall be strong enough to withstand the tremors of difficulties.

The difference between the organizations that withstood adversities and those which succumbed to it lies in efficient management and firm leadership. These are very important factors which play a major role at the times of crisis. It is not necessary that these factors can be learned by personal experiences, they can also be learned by an experienced and renowned management trainer. Jimclemmer is one of them, he has been in this profession since many years and his books and articles have earned him a well deserving respect in the industry.

The services provided by the jimclemmer group are feasible for those who can attend the live training and seminar sessions as well as who are at a distant location or time bound disciples who are unable to attend live training sessions. As referral materials online study materials, case studies, audio-visual aids etc are provide which are equally beneficial.

Besides all these Clemmer group offers articles and books dealing with leadership and management, organize practical workshop for management staff executive training, personal growth, consulting, coaching and training. One can also enjoy the service of free newsletter, to know more about leadership and management skill participate in Jim’s blog.

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