World Leader in LI Unveils the Results of Global Research With its R…

World Leader in LI Unveils the Results of Global Research With its Ready Guide to Intercept Legislation

SAN JOSE, Calif.– LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire –SS8 Networks, the leading source of lawful intercept solutions for telecommunication service providers, has introduced the “Ready Guide to Intercept Legislation,” in an effort to demystify the ambiguous topic of lawful intercept (LI). This Ready Guide will serve as a unique reference book that details the historical context for current worldwide LI statutes.

“The Ready Guide,” (available from SS8’s website – is the result of extensive research, conducted on behalf of SS8 Networks into LI legislation around the world. The pocket-sized guide covers 24 countries, each with a specific overview and history of the relevant national laws. Designed to serve as a valuable reference point for anybody connected with the surveillance industry, the guide includes legislation from countries as diverse as the U.S., U.K., Romania and the Philippines.

“We recognize that people are generally in the dark over LI, especially in terms of the legislation that defines it,” said Stephen Gleave, vice president of marketing at SS8 Networks. “We receive countless requests for a summary of international statutes, so we’re pleased that this guide serves as a handy tool that can quickly improve the understanding of how LI is governed around the world.”

In the coming months, SS8 Networks will be building on “The Ready Guide,” with online updates based on changes and developments, or new research, within the global LI landscape. According to Gleave, “Over the coming years we can expect to see many more changes and developments in this area. Some countries will be enacting laws for the first time, while others continue to refine existing statutes and guidelines. The fact is that LI legislation is an evolving process, and understanding the laws and obligations is crucial for suppliers and service providers alike.”

About SS8 Networks

SS8 Networks, headquartered in San Jose, California, is an independent provider of carrier-grade, regulatory-compliant electronic surveillance solutions that have been deployed on all continents for the largest wireline, wireless, cable, VoIP and satellite service providers. These voice and data installations can already intercept more than 500 million subscribers, and serve over 10,000 law enforcement agents.

SS8’s expertise in communications forensics ensures that intercepted traffic is securely targeted, seized, stored, transferred and analysed, so that the evidentiary chain of custody is maintained for successful criminal prosecution. For more information, please go to

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