Writing-Services.org Delves into the World of Cinema Inspired by Sundance Festival

Writing-Services.org is going to the world cinema! After all the intriguing international films showcased at Sundance, our management wants to expand our staff’s views. A series of films and a lecture from an expert on the cinema of Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East will accomplish this. As always, our customers’ projects are the beneficiaries of such mental augmentation.

The choice, amongst the intriguing foreign films, is so broad! We might see Taxidermia, directed by Gyorgi Palfi, or Timur Bekmambetov’s vampire thriller, The Night Watch, Youssef Chahine’s Destiny, Adel Imam’s Bobbos, or the recently deceased Yasmin Ahmad’s Talentime. All have something to offer to our expertly led analysis and inquiry. How do directors elsewhere elect to recount their story, or express their message? How does film reflect society?

Most of the staff, especially the Support staff, may never write a film critique, but we consider screenings and seminars helpful anyway. We find that the more our employees know about other places, other times, other cultures, the more flexible and creative they are in solving customer problems.

This, after all, is the goal of our academic support services firm! You can read about previous film-related seminars and series at our website, http://writing-services.org. There’s also a sampling of the kinds of problems we can address for our clients.

About Us:

At Writing-Services.org we take our role as an educational company very seriously and comprehensively. Thus, after assembling a team of highly trained writers and editors, we don’t stop there. We always look for ways to expand our writers’ worlds. This way, we can be confident of handling all topics, all fields, and all genres of customer projects.

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