Writing-Services.org jump-starts the keyboarding skills of staff writers with complimentary training

Erudition, wit, scholarly attention to detail; these are common characteristics of Writing-Services.org’s professional writers. Lightning fast typing; not so much. Writing-Services.org fills this skills gap by offering keyboarding and word processing courses convenient to our writers’ location and schedules, on our dime. Writers can learn on-line, in our offices, or take a course in their own community, and learn to be power users of all the time-saving features and tools in word processing. This investment of effort will launch all our wonderful writers into the 21st century, and smooth the way to completion of all sorts of projects for our customers. In addition to providing insightful help with every phase of the composition process, Writing-Services.org writers will be able to address more complex format challenges, and turn out work faster.

Writing-Services.org knows that brilliant skills in writing and editing do not necessarily go along with being a proficient typist, especially since our writers come from all over the world, and from all fields and backgrounds. A solution to the disparity is to offer keyboarding and word processing training to all Writing-Services.org writers. Writing-Services.org’s writers can access online courses, take a course on-site at corporate offices, or use company vouchers to enroll in a course near where they live, compliments of the firm.

Correct fingering, using both mouse and keystroke commands, and a thorough review of all the effort and time-saving features in current word processing software will all be covered. Writers will all be able to use critical tools such as translation, special symbols sets, and the dynamic, self-updating bibliography feature. Important features which allow for complex editing tasks, collaboratively, such as the comment, track changes, and compare, will now be usable by all staff. Tools which allow insertion of pictures, text, and scientific tables and equations are all covered by the word processing courses. As a result, writers will be much more flexible in meeting customer needs

The writers are delighted, although a few were reluctant initially to invest the time. One writer, who had never had any formal instruction in keyboarding said, “I always thought that with fast, accurate typing, I could accomplish anything with my writing, and now I am doing it!” Another pointed out that, “Un-learning incorrect keyboarding and word processing habits streamlined both my editing and composition.” It’s been a win all around for Writing-Services.org.

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