Writing-Services.org Puts Together Some Statistics To Show Who Where Their Customers Live

The population of the United States is roughly around 300,000,000 people and the population of the United Kingdom is somewhere around 62,000,000 people; this fact is also reflected in the research preformed by Writing-Services.org. We conducted a study to determine where our demographics lie, and we found that about 65% of our customers live in the US and about a third live in the UK, not a surprising fact given the populations of both countries. What was a little surprising, however, is that the east coast, which makes up about 36% of the US population, ordered twice as many papers as our west coast customers. Also, Chicago, the third largest city in the US, is one where about 10% of our orders originate.

One of the fascinating things that Writing-Services.org noted was that while the United States accounts for a larger number of our customers, the United Kingdom customers also order an equally large amount of papers once you adjust the figures to account for population distributions.

Apparently, students from the east coast schools, such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton and others account for twice as many orders at Writing-Services.org compared to students at Stanford, Southern Cal, USC and other west coast schools. Statistics being what they are, just cold hard facts, it is hard to determine what the exact reason for this discrepancy is but that is another topic we will look into.

More information on the services and events of the company can be found at Writing-Services.org website or through the customer care service.

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