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The customers of Writing-Services.org rarely know about events and activities that hide behind the curtain of the company’s writing process. Custom writers and workers of Writing-Services.org are always happy to share their holidays and special events like photo contests and other competitions with their customers through press releases. And yet, the very essence of our working procedure is usually concealed from view. This time Writing-Services.org has decided to share a part of its working practice: a scientific seminar held less than a week ago in the company’s office.

It all started when three papers in nanotechnology were ordered with Writing-Services.org in less than a month. The papers themselves did not pose any problem to the company. Writing-Services.org has a wide variety of part-time writers and many of them are college professors in various fields of study. Thus, there are quite a few professional physicists whose services are available for customers. Still, the company management struggles to make Writing-Services a self-sufficient academic company and certain measures were taken to ensure that full-time custom writers get the gist of nanotechnology.

Therefore, a specialist physicist was hired to deliver a course of lectures on nanotechnology to the writers’ team of the company. Certainly he is unable to make them professional physicists but these lectures will help the writers of Writing-Services.org understand the essence and place of nanotechnology in the modern world. The first lecture of this month-long course was already delivered last week in the company’s office.

So, Writing-Services.org reminds its customers that even the most complex and specialized topic cannot confuse the custom writers of the company.

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