Yantram Delivering Live Chat Software Service on Cell Phones

Live Chat Software that Works in both Directions
Premium quality dedicated live chat applications that are mobile-enabled tend to work in two distinct ways. They make it possible for customers to engage in live chat directly from their mobile handsets. The chat user interface which pops up when a chat icon is clicked is configured specifically to work on cell phones thus establishing a real time connection between chat operators and customers. There are several studies from ComScore and Forester which have established a tangible connection between live chat service on e-commerce websites and the attendant ROI. Much of this chat traffic originates from customers with cell phones in their hands happily chatting away from airport terminals, aircraft awaiting take off on tarmacs and even doctor’s offices. You deserve a piece of this action too as the owner of an online company with a loyal customer base which you wish to sustain and preserve.
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