Issues Its Own Medals to Encourage its Academic Writers

Over the years of’s presence in the market, has pursued a policy of rewarding its academic writers with all sorts of bonuses. Still, the company management is sure that a mere competitive salary is not enough. Something more than just money is needed to address the more delicate matters: such as moral satisfaction, for instance. This is why last month decided to implement new measures of encouragement by issuing its own medals and honors. They are designed to award the writers who have dealt with the most challenging orders.

In addition to the fact that the very essence of a custom writer’s job is very challenging and requires every writer to push himself to the limit, there are a number of papers that prove to be pure ordeals. For example, writing a 100 page dissertation is a relatively common order at But what about writing 100 pages on hydrodynamics in 14 days? That is a miracle!

Thus, even a brief look though the writers’ statistics has revealed several challenges that require appropriate awards. The company management of has decided to answer this issue with both monetary bonuses and its own “order of merit” that will mark outstanding actions of the custom writers.

“I hope, it’ll encourage our writers, since it’s more than just money,” says the CEO. “Certainly, these medals will be a nice tradition of our company.”

More information on the services and news of the company can be found at website.

About is a custom writing company that has become accustomed to dealing with the most complex and the most challenging papers. With its professional team of experienced academic writers, is sure that there is no topic and no order that can confound its experts.

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