Launches a Competition in Writing a Mystery Story

Perhaps, it would not be a great surprise to the customer of writing services to know that extensive reading is one of the traits of a successful custom writer. Recently, the administration of has decided to exploit this common hobby of its custom writers to further develop the mutual understanding among the workers of the company and improve their creative skills. Therefore, a very special event was announced for a next month – a competition in writing a short mystery story among the writers of
“No, we don’t expect our employees to write an exceptional piece of mystery,” says the CEO. “Being a fan of books myself, I know all too well that writing a narrative and writing an academic paper are very different things. It’s just narrative develops one’s creative skills and imagination. And, certainly, I hope that our initiative will help some of our writers to find themselves.”
Though not all of the custom writers are familiar with the mystery genre of literature, all of them joined the competition enthusiastically. Next month, a best story will be chosen by a jury and company management promises to provide some prizes, though their nature remains secret.
More information on the company’s events, services and pricing policy can be found at website. is a custom writing company who has managed to develop into a comprehensive academic support service over the last several years. While not limiting its services to writing dissertations only, the company’s focus on strong research allows to produce essays, research papers, term papers and, certainly, dissertations of the highest quality.

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