Writers Celebrate Mexican Traditions for a Spicy, Enlightening Week!

It’s getting rather spicy around the offices while we focus on the colors and culture of Mexico. This celebration of that beautiful country is hoped to awaken new appreciation and understanding. staffers always take away from such events a broader view of the world.

The works of Diego Rivera, and his muse and fellow artist Frieda Kahlo, as well as Nobel laureate Octavio Paz will be the subject of seminars over the course of the week. writers will have a chance to taste regional Mexican delicacies, such as Pollo Verde, or sweet-filled tamales; never available at fast food outlets! The sweet sound of norteno music will fill the air with its mixture of Spanish instrumentation, Eastern European dance styles, and indigenous rhythms and emphasis. An examination of this lively musical tradition provides an opening for scholarly discussion of the colonial and pre-colonial history of the region.

Will every one of our writers have an opportunity to write on Mexico? Not necessarily; however, has always taken the view that a knowledge of unfamiliar cultures adds immeasurably to a writer’s resources. You can learn more about this writer development strategy, and past cross-cultural immersion events at

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