Zylpha’s New System Transforms Email Communication For Legal Documents

Zylpha (www.zylpha.com), the UK’s leading innovator of legal document production and distribution has launched a new system that enables the secure and verifiable electronic transmission of legal communications and document bundles. The system meets the highest levels of compliance.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with industry standard case management products such as Solcase® and Visualfiles®, the new system eliminates the need for costly and environmentally unfriendly paper based systems, courier deliveries and DX usage. With Zylpha in place, all the relevant information required for a legal document bundle can be pulled together and integrated into one secure and paginated whole, with the context of applications and process relationships clearly defined. Zylpha can bundle all the popular file layouts including: PDF, Word, Excel, Visio, and PowerPoint. Any subsequent changes made by users to the original bundle are then automatically re-indexed and re-paginated to ensure the file remains fully up to date for all authorised users.

Solcase® or Visualfiles® automatically trigger Zylpha to generate and send the Court Bundle, Document Bundle or Deal Bible when required. Confirmation of secure delivery is received within minutes. In addition to legal bundles, a variety of other document types can be easily collated, produced and distributed including: contract packs, tender responses, board minutes and meeting agendas.

Zylpha’s Extract system allows users to run their existing Solcase® reports in a fraction of the time previously required. The reports can be printed, output to Excel or Text or just simply viewed. Additionally, all the functionality of the Zylpha Extract can be can be run from other programs and so could be incorporated in, for example, an organisation’s intranet or marketing systems.

The new system is backed by a full support package including: technical level administration, software upgrades and legislation updates. Users can also access fixed rate consultancy to cover tailoring, enhancements, training and maintenance.

Users of Solcase® and Visualfiles® can also use Zylpha as an easy ‘plug in’ to the RTA Portal for personal injury claims using Zylpha’s automated integration solution to process claims rapidly. Zylpha has also integrated with the acclaimed online identity checking and verification facilities provided by Callcredit®.

Zylpha’s integration module has also been specifically designed to integrate the Solcase® and Visualfiles® case management systems with the HMCS internet based service for Mortgage and Rental Repossessions. It is a convenient and secure way of making or responding to certain types of possession claims on the internet. It allows users to monitor claims from issue, through warrant to possession.

Commenting on the launch Tim Long, Zylpha’s MD said; “The case for law firms and legal bodies moving towards electronic document bundling and secure delivery is starting to gather a real momentum as the clear benefits are realised. In every practice or legal office, staff are required to produce high quality documentation, such as court bundles, professionally and rapidly. However, compiling them manually is such a lengthy process. Maintaining the bundle too as the case progresses, and ensuring that all the parties involved are provided with the latest updated versions, can also add considerably to an already hectic caseload. Then when one needs to send the bundles quickly and securely other even more daunting risks arise. With Zylpha in place, all these concerns are negated as the whole business process is now part of one integrated, secure and compliant solution.

“We have had an enormously positive response to the new system, from the profession. They see it as a genuine leap forward in the governance risk and compliance of secure document management and distribution and very much fit for purpose.”

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