“Body Primes” the Diet Program Focused on the Brain, Not the Belly

"Body Primes" the Diet Program Focused on the Brain, Not the Belly 2

Can a product like “Body Primes”, which focuses upon mind control for losing weight.  It is in effect a program that focuses also upon “subliminal mind priming” to create the right conditions to lose weight.

Can that be real?

“Body Primes” is a new product, but one that is based on very old techniques relating to the mind and how you can use the brain to control the belly.

Dr Hal Becker
Dr Hal Becker

The program uses a technique more recently developed by a Lousiana doctor, Dr Hal Becker, who had performed weight loss “miracles” on many hundreds of obese patients.  The techniques he used were so successful that the program developed massive interest with fast and lasting weight loss, even from the most ‘difficult’ patients.

Dr Becker had a distinguished career in scientific research and spent 25 years on the Tulane University Medical School staff receiving millions of dollars in research funds and publishing over 40 academic papers in science journals and books.

But the experiments relating to weight loss and massive diet success were not related to diet – but to the brain and ‘mind control’ issues that created amazine weight loss for clients.

Subliminal Technology

The use of subliminal technology is an audio that is below the normal range of conscious hearing, but which has a completely effective ‘control’ over the mind, accomplishing results that few if any physicians and dietitians can achieve through more basic weight loss programs.

Using these “priming” techniques means you are automatically primed to lose weight with things occurring at a subliminal level in the subconscious mind.

As the Prime weight loss program media material indicates, when you are travelling down the street your brain is taking in millions of pieces of data that you are not aware of. You will notice things like the color of the car in front of you, or the person on the sidewalk with his dog – these are all on a conscious level.

But the very act of driving or walking… hearing a plane in the background… the colors of the houses you are passing… the faces of the drivers coming towards you… the sounds of a motorbike coming up from behind you… and millions of other bits of information are all being processed by your mind at a subliminal level.

The cars stay at a subliminal level until your brain believes one might be a threat to your life and suddenly you are aware of a car swerving towards you – the focus changes from a subliminal level to your conscious focus. Instinctively you move out of the way and it all happens in the blink of an eye.

You can check the program (with a guaranteed 60 day money back success-guarantee) by checking it at this discount link.

"Body Primes" the Diet Program Focused on the Brain, Not the Belly 3

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