The Breast View Damages Claim Against Google

The Breast View Damages Claim Against Google 2

A Canadian woman who claimed Google had flagrantly infringed her rights to a private life and dignity has successfully sued search giant Google for having her breasts captured in a Street View camera.

The image was taken with a 360 degree camera on a car that passed the woman’s home on a warm day in Montreal during 2009.  She was awarded $2,250 plus court costs, about a third of what she claimed.

The woman was sitting on her front steps at the time the Google vehicle passed by, checking her e-mail.

The photo was discovered by co-workers whom she says then made a series of derogatory comments which evidently lead to the claimant having to leave her job.

The Journal de Montreal reports Google tried to defend itself saying the woman had given up her right to privacy by being outside, but the judge wasn’t having any of that and ordered the company to cough up the cash.


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