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New Delhi, India – February 8, 2012: Business video production services are surely going through the golden period. The demand of videos for marketing, corporate use and for training purpose is rising at a rapid pace and thus the importance of companies capable of providing quality and creative content. There has been a marked increase in the number of companies offering Business video production services. Whether large corporate firms looking to leave an impact on the masses or the small firms who have just entered the business and are looking to build a brand image, well made creative and quality videos can just be the perfect answer for everybody. The unmatched success that a few videos have seen in the recent times has resulted in enormous rise in the popularity of graphic videos specially designed for promoting a particular brand or value.
Studies reveal that the information retention is more than doubled in case sound and video is combined together to provide an information when compared to a piece of text meant to do the same. The importance of Business video production services can also be understood by the fact that the chances of a website making a sale increases by an enormous 64 percent in case there is a video related to product on the webpage. Also 144 percent more people are likely to add the product to the shopping cart because of the presence of video. Studies also reveal that on an average people stay two minutes longer on a site with a video than the text based site. This simply means that videos are able to attract the people in a much better way as compared to long pieces of text.
Quality Business video production services can result in around 45 percent increase in response rate. With the major search engines including videos in search results, a good video made by a professional corporate video production company increases the chances of your being on the first page of a related search.
The need of good Business video production can also be understood from the fact that around 80 percent of executives in the developed countries are watching more videos online than they used to around a year ago. Also 59 percent of senior executives prefer to go through a related video than reading a piece of text simply because of their busy schedule.
With the ever growing popularity of online videos, the importance and need of Business video production companies are set to rise in the future as well.
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