California State Office of Traffic Safety Ranks Malibu Number One for Injuries

California State Office of Traffic Safety Ranks Malibu Number One for InjuriesThe counselors over at Ehline Law reported today that in the latest information that has been released by the Public Safety Commission for the year 2005 was made available by the Malibu-Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station located in Malibu. The release of this information named Malibu as the number one place in California for traffic accidents where people died or were injured.

In response of this report the Sheriff’s Office and the Public Safety Commission are requesting drivers adhere to the rules of the road and drive defensively with the summer months. These statistics that have been released and the rating that this city has gotten is all the more reason to drive with caution in Malibu.

This report that was released included the traffic, miles traveled and population of 104 cities around the country and name Malibu number 1. Malibu also ranked number 2 for alcohol related accidents and number 1 for alcohol related accidents for the age group 21 to 34.

When it comes to speed and accidents Malibu also is rated number 1 and it was also rated number 2 for accidents after dark. Bicyclists that were killed or injured rated the city as number 9.

According to statements from officials in some interviews have stated that speed and unsafe turns along with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is the largest reason for the amount of accidents in Malibu. One of the reasons is due to the fact that the Pacific Coast Highway with its open pieces of road allows drivers to pick up speed. Instead of staying within the posted speed limit of 45 mile per hour and because of this the accidents are more like the enormity of freeway accidents.

In an effort to slow the traffic down on the Pacific Coast Highway motorcycle officers now have radar equipment that the city paid enabling them to catch motorists speeding like the radar enhanced police cars.

With summer here there are expected to be more motorists headed for the beach and that to officials means more traffic in the canyon along with illegal U-turns according to an interview with traffic investigator deputy John Caffrey.

Caffrey stated that most of the accidents are in the vicinity of Malibu Pier and this is because of the beachgoer wanting a parking space along with the fact that there are homes and driveways in the area. The beachgoer is apt to cross the highway in order to get an open parking spot, when it would be safer for them to pay for parking making it safer to park and to walk to the beach. It also would reduce the chance of being involved with a hit and run.

To combat some of the seasonal problem at Zuma Beachthere has been a temporary median with candlestick barriers installed to prohibit U-turns, with plans to install a permanent barrier that will begin in July of 2009.

There are two routes to the ocean and while each go there one has shown more dangerous than the other, Kanan Dume according to Caffrey has signs at the 101 Highway and Ventura Highway that it is a beach route. This route also prohibits trucks in several places such as the 101 Highway and Newton Canyon, also between Cavalleri and the Pacific Coast Highway. Kanan Dume has had major accidents including one on October 24, 2007 when a truck crashed into a car driven by a Malibu resident driven by William H. Weissberg after the driver of the truck lost control, the vehicles caught fire and both motorists were killed.

Each year Malibu city hires extra law enforcement personnel from Memorial Day though the summer until Labor Day and the county of Los Angeles is funding Operation Safe Canyons. The police force of Malibu and Lost Hills continue to battle the extra summer traffic, along with the California Highway Patrol.

According to reports crime analyst deputy Louise Ramirez and also the beach team head Sgt. Joshua Thia stated: (Ramirez) from June to August in 2007 there were 1,778 citation issued for alcohol found on the beach and driving under the influence as compared to 2006 when 2,162 people were cited. ( Thai) said that people understand when found with alcohol on the beach they will be cited.

This is after imposing a no tolerance policy that includes alcohol found on the beach within city limits is confiscated and to add to this there is also a $500 dollar fine and/or up to six months in the county jail. This has decreased the amount of people bringing alcohol to the beach and decreased the amount of motorists driving under the influence.

They are also aware that driving under the influence can also mean medications that affect the motorists driving ability such as medications that warn not to operate heavy machinery. Drivers should drive responsibly and this includes heath conditions and medications.

Another cause of accidents is due to drivers being distracted and to help battle that front there are two laws that will be in effect in July for using cell phones according to the California Highway Patrol. The first is prohibiting all motorists from using a handheld wireless telephone while driving. The second of these laws prohibits anyone under 18 to use a handheld or a wireless phone when operating a motor vehicle.

In a reported statement Carol Randall of the Public Safety Commission chair and whose son-in-law was killed in this area by a speeding driver said that the roads are only as safe as the motorists who are on them and accidents on the Pacific Coast Highway should remind drivers of this. Drivers need to heed the rules of the road with summer beachgoers, speeding and illegal U-turns as well as drivers who are distracted cause accidents.

By bringing these facts to the attention of drivers it might help to reduce the amount of accidents according to the Public Safety Commission and make it a safer accident free summer. If you were injured and need a Malibu Beach car accident attorney, contact the Los Angeles accident attorneys at Ehline Law at 633 W. Fifth St., 28th Fl. Los Angeles, CA 90071; 1875 Century Park East Suite 700 Los Angeles, CA 90067; 14003 Palawan Way Marina del Rey, CA 90292; 620 Newport Center Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660. Phone 888-400-9721.

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