Can the UN realistically respond to the challenges confronting the organization in the 21st century? International lawyers think not.

The International Association of Lawyers, or UAI, is calling for an overhaul of the charter of the United Nations. During the group’s 47th congress in Lisbon, officials said the U.N. charter is outdated and unable to respond to the challenges of the 21st century, the BBC reported Sunday.

UAI President Antoine Akl of Lebanon, suggested moving the U.N. headquarters from the United States to what he called “a neutral country,” the BBC said.

Alk also suggested removing of articles in the U.N. charter referring to the outcome of World War II, an increase in the number of permanent members of the Security Council and abrogation of the right of veto for permanent members.

Akl also urged an overhaul of U.N. finances to make the organization more independent of its members. The Paris-based UAI has 200 affiliated organizations representing two million lawyers in 100 countries.

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