Career Community That Job Seekers Are Using To Land Jobs

JobRadioUSA is a free online career community that has helped several job seekers land suitable jobs during and after the Great Recession.

This is significant since in today’s tough job market, there is a lot of basic job search information. However, with approximately~2.5M job openings and ~15M+ job seekers, this information is not sufficient. Thus, these individuals need an edge to find rewarding jobs and prevent prolonged unemployment. Specifically, job seekers need step-by-step job search training that allow them to immediately implement strategies which result in job leads, interviews, and offers.

JobRadioUSA’s career community provides step-by-step executive job search strategies that are straight from the trenches; tactics and blueprints that have been executed successfully by job seekers during this current economic downturn. Individuals are taught how to source job leads via traditional and non-traditional avenues. They are also trained to effectively maximize social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter to develop advocates at their targeted companies.

Job seekers are also provided with instruction of how to demonstrate their expertise with or without a blog and how to capture the interest of hiring authorities. They are also provided instruction of how to keep hope, enthusiasm, motivation, and confidence alive during a daunting job search. This is extremely important since employers are seeking confident potential employees who can generate impactful and profitable results.

For the past 37 weeks, via JobRadioUSA’s online talk radio shows, job seekers have acquired actionable and impactful executive job search tips that have moved their job search forward. Since these BlogTalkRadio career shows focus on the “how to” in a structured format, several job seekers consistently participate on Tuesday nights at 9PM EST.

Just recently Dr. Mark Goulston, bestselling author of several books including the international best seller “Get Out of Your Own Way”, shared strategies of how job seekers can avoid self-defeating behavior and get through to anyone. Also Debra Benton, “CEO Whisperer” and NYT bestselling author of “How to Think Like a CEO,” explained how individuals could take charge of their job search.

For the upcoming shows: Dr. Paul Powers, management psychologist and original answer man for job seekers on, will explain how job seekers can acquire and ace interviews. Also Connie Dieken, Radio & TV Broadcasters Hall of Fame Inductee, will share communication strategies job seekers can use to achieve success.

Finally, the wisdom of a crowd depends on both job seekers and career experts sharing information that results in impactful job searches. The larger the community, the more online careers and executive job search knowledge job seekers can tap into. As a result, share these free career community resources with job seekers and entice them to do so as well.

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