China’s request for the deportation from Canada of a bank manager who disappeared after allegedly embezzling $130 million has been stymied by Canada, just as Canada has done in other economic crime suspects.

A branch manager with the Bank of China in Harbin who disappeared at the end of 2004 after allegedly embezzling 1 billion yuan ($130 million) was arrested in Vancouver, Canada, over the weekend and brought into court Wednesday.

Beijing had asked that he be deported last month, but it is far from certain that Ottawa will comply, for reasons that have stymied China in its pursuit of many suspects in economic crimes who have fled overseas.

Gao Shan, 43, was picked up by immigration authorities Sunday for misstating his occupation when he entered Canada, The Globe and Mail reported .

Shortly after Gao disappeared, Shanghai-listed Northeast Expressway discovered 286 million yuan ($36.6 million) was missing from its two accounts with the Harbin branch of Bank of China.

Further investigation by the Bank of China at its branches in the province of Heilungkiang found that another big depositor, Heilungkian Chenneng Technology, was missing 320 million yuan ($41 million). Gao is alleged to have stolen a total of 1 billion yuan ($128 million) from these and other accounts.