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Aberdeen, UK – Claxton Engineering provides clients with a number of different products and services, including complete Riser systems, well abandonment and cutting services, Riser tension rings and systems, slot recovery, tieback engineering, and subsea drilling templates. The company also provides a full rental inventory. Claxton is known for its dedication to quality and for their many innovative approaches to solving different problems. Claxton’s innovative processes have been recognized by many different industry awards, including a Queen’s Award and a Petroleum Institute Platinum Award for Innovation.

“Here at Claxton, we don’t just want to get the job done. We want to get the job done to our client’s complete satisfaction,” said a company representative. In order to accomplish this, Claxton focuses on three areas: giving the best service possible, being as cost effective and safe as possible, and looking for better solutions to client issues. “We don’t just want to come in and apply a standard solution to each client’s problem because each client’s situation is different,” the representative continued. “We know that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach isn’t going to apply the best solution to any client’s task, so we look at ways we can adapt our solutions to fit each individual client’s job.”

Claxton clients have nothing but positive things to say about the company and their adaptive approach to tasks. “Technically strong [and] solution orientated” are two terms one client used to describe Claxton. Another client stresses the fact that Claxton engineers are “very approachable, very responsive, fast, efficient” and that they created “cost effective solutions to our needs.”

Under the direction of managing director Laura Claxton, the company’s leadership brings many years of experience and fresh thinking to the table. The daughter of the founder of Claxton, Ms. Claxton is directly involved in the day-to-day aspects of the business. Likewise, Dannie Claxton, technical director, brings more than 25 years of industry experience to his job. Mr. Claxton has been credited as one of the driving forces behind the company’s dedication to creating workable, fast solutions to a wide range of challenges. This ability is vital to Claxton’s success as many times, the company is asked to provide solutions to projects that run into unexpected challenges or fall behind schedule.

Products available from Claxton include well systems, drilling templates and structural centralizers, and a variety of pipelines. Many products and tools are also available for clients to rent, including risers, subsea and surface cameras, hubs, gate valves, hydraulic power units, and more.

Founded as a family business in 1985, Claxton is now a part of Acteon, a group of service companies that work together to provide products and services in the subsea operations industry. The company has offices in Aberdeen, Dubai, and Great Yarmouth.
More information can be found about their products and services on their website.

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