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New Delhi, India, December 12, 2011: – This press release is to inform businesses and individuals of the exclusive creative video service being offered by Broadcast2world at special discount rates.

Broadcast2world is providing an excellent opportunity for businesses who want a custom video for their company website. Businesses would be provided a chance to explain their services and products by exclusive a creative video that could be posted on Youtube and other video sharing website. These videos would be created by Broadcast2World at special discount rates starting from 15th November to 31st December.

Sunny Arora, CEO and Director of Broadcast2world said: “most people don’t know how to make a creative video. While most people assume that they should create a video just because other people are doing it. This leads to many boring and lifeless videos that people don’t even want to watch. Our organization on the other hand is known for coming out with new and engaging idea for each and every project we do. So users can know this company as top custom video production services”

We understand that the incredible versatility of creativity in videos is undoubtedly one of the main reasons behind their success, and companies can advertise themselves with videos in a huge assortment of different styles. From animated videos to reality-style videos, there really are too many video styles to list- there’s a video style for every single company.

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