CV Writing Tips – Get Your Resume Sorted – Acquaint yourself with the proper techniques of Writing CV s or Resumes

March 8 2012 – – So what advice can we give when it comes to CV writing or CV optimisation?
Well, you need to sound confident – confident about yourself, your achievements, your qualifications and your aspirations. You need to become a salesperson and the product you’re selling is you: your achievements and your talents! Adducology offer excellent advice on CV writing and interview training, so that you can be fully prepared for the challenge of seeking future employment.

Any professional Resume Writing consists of the following key pieces of information: Namely, your personal details: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and website, if you have one. It’s best to list the qualifications you have in descending order, that is, the most recent qualification at the top of the list, working your way down to the first qualification you ever achieved at the bottom of the list.
It’s the same with jobs you have held. Begin with the most recent and work your way down to the first job you ever had. For professional resume writing, when listing your jobs, ensure you name the company you worked for, the dates when you began and finished each job and the position you held in the company or organisation. Don’t just leave it at that. Point out what your role entailed, the responsibilities you held, the staff you managed and the training or the talks that you gave. Most importantly, for CV optimisation, describe how you benefited the company or organisation you worked for previously. Did you help them to increase their sales, did you manage to promote their services to a wider audience? If you can, quote figures as evidence. Explain in very clear terms how you were an asset to that company and, therefore, how you will be an asset to your future employer.

You may also wish to mention your interests on your CV, especially if they relate directly to the job you are applying for. It may be that certain skills you use in your hobby are the same skills that you need to use in your work. For example, do you have to organise groups of people in your pastime? Maybe you run a club of some kind? These talents are directly relevant to management roles.

Adducology offers unique CV writing services, UK to its clients. They can provide professional writers to review your CV, to make sure it’s free from mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation. They can also match you up with an industry expert who works in the same field as you, to give you exclusive CV writing advice. These experts will provide professional resume writing services and thus help you in formulating perfect and personalised resume for the job you have in mind.