Dating for Men in New Zealand – Matchcompany About to Launch a New Dating Site

Dating in New Zealand for Men men can often be forgotten when it comes to dating, which is one reason why New Zealand dating’s longest-operating matchmaking site, Matchcompany is about to launch a newly revamped website that also expreslly caters for men.

“Men are sometimes overlooked in terms of what specific requirements they have in dating,” says Rosie Bowie, principal matchmaker with Matchcompany.

“Our new website will be answering very specific questions for men in the New Zealand dating scene with a view towards helping them make the most of themselves and of the dating opportunities that exist out there for them.

“The reality appears to be that when men go online looking for dating options they take a ‘hit or miss’ approach, whereas we are looking at tailoring our dating options for clients in a much more targeted manner. The intention is to cut out the randomness of simply hoping you’ll find someone by scanning profiles, and actually think a lot more about the dating process and who you would really like to be with.”

The new Matchcompany site will accordingly be placing a lot more emphais on Dating in New Zealand for Men and will be launched in the coming days.

Keep an eye out if you’re interested in personalied dating options in New Zealand.

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