David Rimmer has tried 54 first-degree murder cases in more than 20 years as a prosecutor in Pensacola, sending six people to death row, and he has 12 more murder cases pending. He has also presented different accounts of the same murder. But he’s cleared of ethical wrongdoing.

In an interview here today, Mr. Rimmer, 56, said he had been too busy to give much thought to the ethics charges, which stemmed from a case in which two boys pleaded guilty to killing their father.

Lately, though, he has been in the uncomfortable position of defending himself. Mr. Rimmer became famous for presenting, in quick succession, impossibly inconsistent theories to two juries trying to determine who committed a murder here in November 2001. Even lawyers said he had given lawyers a bad name.

But the Florida Bar Grievance Committee released a decision today, along with 100 pages of supporting materials, saying it had found no probable cause for disciplinary proceedings. The finding itself was made public last week.

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