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In today’s economy millions of struggling americans have turned to payday loans, as a quick fix, in order to make it to their next pay day.They’re easy to obtain, money is deposited into your bank account. Payday and Cash Advance loans are very accessible high risk loans with typically very high interest rates designed to keep you paying fees upon fees making it impossible to pay down the principle balance resulting in the payday loan trap.
Millions of Americans are burdened with Payday Loans. The Payday loan trap affects your quality of life with the high interest rates, the endless rollovers and the ruthless collection tactics. If you’re thinking about consolidating your debt, let the experts at Payday Loan Conceptz assist you today.
Payday Loan Conceptz can help put an end to the revolving fees and have extensive knowledge of state lending regulations. We know what payday loan lenders can and cannot do. Payday Loan Conceptz can help get you out of the payday loan trap.PAYDAY LOAN CONCEPTZ (PLC) Is one of the most trusted sources in providing you with the most affordable, reliable and least stressful approach at handling payday loan debt. Our program consolidates your storefront and internet payday loans into the lowest payment structure available today, putting more money back in your pocket each pay day, while we negotiate a reasonable repayment plan or settlement with each of your creditors, saving you additional interest and service fees. Although we know each of your payday loan lenders will have different guidelines or regulations, our goal here is simply to satisfy all your payday loan lenders and save you money.
You’re in the driver seat here at PLC and you have total control of when you start our program and whether it will end in 12 months or less. Your payment will be much less then what you pay now and you can choose either a monthly payment plan or a pay cycle payment plan. Your payment will go into an FDIC insured savings account set up in your name. You will be able to monitor your account online 24/7 and best of all you have control over your account. Once your first payment clears the negotiation process begins. We will contact your creditors to negotiate a reasonable repayment plan or settlement and unlike most debt relief companys we dont get paid until we have performed. Debt Relief Service
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To hear more detailed information about the process of our program, fill out the simple application and you will be contacted by a debt counselor who will discuss all details of our program and provide you with your free no obligation quote.
You want to finally be rid of your payday loans, and the high interest payment cycle that makes you feel like theres no end in sight. You need the relief from the burden of wondering if youll ever be free from the payday loan trap. You need Payday Loan Conceptz and our Easy as 1-2-Z Programthat puts you back in the driver seat and on the road to financial freedom.

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