Diabetes Destroyed with Weight Loss

Diabetes has a great deal to do with weight and now health authorities say weight loss surgery will see diabetes destroyed.

The Express newspaper reports that the UK Health watchdog the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence yesterday said urgent action is needed to head off a national crisis.

But campaigners said it was wrong for taxpayers to fund operations costing up to £6,000-a-time to treat a condition linked to poor lifestyle.

Under new guidelines obese people recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes should be considered for drastic procedures including “stomach stapling” and fitting gastric bands.

Professor Mark Baker, of the NICE, said: “The financial implications of obesity are huge – 10 per cent of the NHS budget is used to treat diabetes and its complications alone.


“This newly updated NICE guideline says that very low-calorie diets should only be used in certain circumstances; it includes new recommendations on weight loss surgery for people with Type 2 diabetes and on follow up after surgery.”

But Professor Iain Broom, director of the Centre for Obesity Research at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, said: “The guidance could send tens of thousands of Britons towards unnecessary surgery, with its known morbidity and mortality, costing taxpayers many millions of pounds, when all that is required is a different dietary and lifestyle approach.”

Whatever is done, the growth of diabetes as an issue is growing and being able to achieve a “diabetes destroyed” position is a clear desire for all diabetes sufferers.

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