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30 July 2012 – DUI Attorney News – LawFuel Law Newswire Service – When you have been charged with a DUI (driving under the influence) violation, it can feel like your world is crashing in. Friends and family may not support you or feel that you will get what you deserve in the criminal justice system. Even though you have made a grievous mistake, you are not only entitled to a vigorous defense but to respect and compassion as well. You need to find not only the top Seattle DUI lawyer who can successfully argue to help you keep your license and your dignity but one who will also understand that everyone makes mistakes and shouldn’t be ostracized due to one error in judgment.

In the state of Arizona, a breathalyzer or blood/breath test may be administered up to two hours after the driver of a vehicle has been apprehended by law enforcement officers. An experienced DUI attorney Arizona, can argue to have your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) results reduced or thrown out of court if the test was administered improperly.

A top Arizona DUI Lawyer will submit to the court your lack of prior offenses, a list of positive endorsements from employers, friends, and community members, and your own remorse over making a poor decision in an attempt to lessen the severity of the punishment. A qualified DUI attorney, Arizona, can help you retain the right to drive to work, to decrease the license suspension time frame, and possibly even remove the offense from your record after time served. In cleaning up after a DUI, it can help to think of your DUI attorney as an expensive janitor. He will work hard to find available defense strategies, but he will also be proactive. This means helping you sign up for drug or alcohol awareness classes, as well as classes that help you understand the impact of DUI on others. Essentially, your lawyer will be tasked with making sure that you look like a fine, upstanding citizen who made an innocent mistake and just wants a second chance before you even step foot in the courtroom.

With the best DUI attorney available working by your side, making sure that the judge sees you as more than just another drunk driver becomes much easier. Taking serious steps to ensure that you look good to the courts is important. A great DUI lawyer can help make certain that the judge can see how serious you are about not getting another DUI in order to help you fight your charges and minimize any repercussions from your mistakes.

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