Divorce makes men richer, according to a European survey about to be released. For women, the opposite is the case. So what does the law firm that ran the controversial “Ditch the Bitch!” ad. campaign have to say about all of this?

Divorce or separation makes men richer, according to new European research to be published this week, while moving in together or getting married makes them poorer.

Men whose relationships break down are four times more likely to see their bank balance swell than men who remain with their partners, said Cecile Bourreau-Dubois, who based her finding on interviews with 76,058 adults across 11 different European Union countries.

‘Union dissolution is the single most effective thing a man can do to improve his financial standing,’ said Dubois, who found that the effects of divorce on a man’s wealth were so extreme that they even outstripped the financial benefits of either partner getting better jobs.

Tommy Lynch, a legal executive at Brookman’s law firm, which recently ran a controversial series of Ditch The Bitch! adverts encouraging men to take up their divorce services, agree that with a canny legal team, husbands can benefit from divorce. ‘I would say that most husbands can be better off after divorce if they play their cards right because the payments they’re forced to pay by the courts are limited and can be cleverly controlled,’ he said.

Paul Terry, a City banker and father-of-three, divorced his wife eight years ago. ‘My lawyers did this incredibly sneaky trick of linking my maintenance payments to the Retail Price Index,’ he said. ‘It means that although my income regularly rises by more than 10 per cent each year, she still gets less than three per cent.

‘The short-term financial impact of getting divorced was hard because I lost the house,’ he said. ‘But eight years later there’s no doubt that I’m earning more and saving more than during all those years of marriage.

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