Dog Bite Attorneys Encourage Review of Dog Safety Tips during National Dog Bite Safety Week

dog bit week

Dog bite safety week

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. However, incidences of dog attacks and bites have been on the rise recently. Attorneys in particular are noticing an increase in the amount of dog attack cases they have been receiving from victims of dog bites and other injuries incurred from dog attacks.

National Dog Bite Safety Week

These issues have become more apparent, especially in light of the National Dog Bite Safety Week. This week focuses on informing people about safety tips and prevention techniques for staying away from dog bites. There are various resources available to educate people so that they know what to do to be safe around dogs.

According to recent statistics, there are approximately 70 million dogs living in homes all around the United States. Dogs are becoming less of a man’s best friend and more of a problem within our society. This is mainly because of the lack of concern of dog owners, particularly those owners who allow their dogs to roam freely around the neighborhood.

There are many different dog safety tips that people can enforce in their lives if they are in frequent contact with dogs. Young children are more likely to be attacked by dogs because of their small size and their lack of speed and agility. There are many tips that parents can teach their children to prevent serious injury from dog attacks.

10 Important Dog Safety Tips for Children

  • Stay away from dogs who don’t know you and whom you’ve never seen before
  • When a frightening dog approaches you, remain calm and don’t move
  • If a dog has just delivered puppies, stay away from the dog and its puppies
  • Let sleeping dogs lie. Don’t bother a sleeping dog
  • Do not hit or throw anything at a dog or try to evoke its anger
  • Let a dog smell you first before approaching or petting it
  • Don’t interact with dogs especially those that are larger than you unless an adult is nearby
  • Tell an adult if you think a dog nearby is being bothersome or is dangerous
  • Don’t look a dog in the eye, it will think you are daring or threatening it
  • If you are bitten, find an adult right away

Attorneys are encouraging people to take notice of these tips and many others that are available. Many dog attacks that occur can easily be prevented if safety tips are taken into account. Dog owners are also at great fault in dog attacks and they must be responsible for controlling their dogs, especially around children.

Dog bites can cause serious damage and injury to the victims, which is an issue that must be taken seriously. Fortunately, with National Dog Bite Safety Week, people are becoming more aware of how to deal with dogs. The more individuals are educated about dog safety tips, it is hoped that the incidence of dog bites and attacks will decrease.

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