Repeat DUI Youthful Offender: What Can Parents Do?

Repeat DUI Youthful Offender: What Can Parents Do? 2

DUI-Lawyers-LawfuelRepeat DUI offenders often find that they will spend a considerable amount of time in jail. They will also spend a majority, if not the rest, of their lives without driving privileges. Many will find that they are unable to find or keep jobs. It is a very sad state to find your life in at any time.
The lives of repeat juvenile offenders will become even more complicated if this is the way they wind up starting their transition into adulthood. Youthful offenders are often treated with extreme severity in the juvenile court system when they have been convicted several times before, in the hope that a severe punishment will curtail any further offenses.

A skilled attorney like Steven E. Kellis and others may be able to help advise and possibly decrease a young person’s sentence, so it is critical to retain a lawyer’s services immediately.
These unfortunate young men and women may find that they will be placed in a juvenile detention center for repeated driving under the influence offenses. They may also be sentenced to mandatory rehabilitation at a drug and alcohol center. They will most likely have their driving privileges revoked at least until they are 25 or older, and they should plan to give up all of their free time to community service if they are not yet incarcerated.
Parents should be very open and blunt with their teen about all the social ills this type of behavior will cause. In most cases, repeat offenders are unable to finish high school. This can lead the teen to start their adult life with at least one major strike against them.

It is very hard to find gainful employment without a high school diploma. Parents should also be very firm about what a life of alcoholism will mean to their child’s future.
What A Parent Can Do?
There are many ways to approach this situation with your teen. Any or all can help your child turn his life around and stop this type of destructive behavior.
Counseling – Many teens are facing a personal problem that they may not feel they can solve or share with anyone close to them. This is one thing that can lead to the underage drinking. Setting them up for counseling with a person they feel they can trust, who is not connected to the situation, can help them sort out this problem and move forward with their life.
AA Meeting – Take your child to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and allow him to see first-hand what the life of an alcoholic or recovering alcoholic is like. Let him understand the hurt that it will cause him and others who love him. It is a harsh reality, but it can create a lasting impression.
Rehabilitation – Look into different rehab programs that may give your teen the support he needs in a setting with other teens. Sometimes seeing himself in others is the bet way for him to overcome the problem with drinking.
Of course, as a parent you will need to continue to enforce drinking and driving rules in your home. Make sure that you always lead by example.

And if your teen still gets into trouble, make sure that you give him the love and support he needs, and find him the appropriate help for his situation.

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