First he won a $10 million settlement from McDonalds Corporation, now Harish Bharti has scored another win, with a Washington Court’s decision to order parking giant Ticket Track to repay overcharged fees, which will run to the millions.

Bharti, who filed a case against Ticket Track, won a judge’s order to the company to pay back the extra fees it charged parking customers over the last four years, which he estimates is around $5 million.

“We won hands down. The law is so clear that our motion for summary judgment was granted by the judge,” Bharti said.

Judge Marsha Pechman, federal judge for the U.S. District Court of Seattle, declared that the court “finds that under the facts of this case, Ticket Track violated RCW 19.16.250(18) by collecting ‘violation fees’ that it contractually arranged to impose on parking violators.”

Bharti had filed the case in May 2002 and sent an amended appeal in October last year.

“I had a client who went to a restaurant to have lunch. She did not have all the $6 so she paid some of the money and thought that after lunch is done she will bring the balance. They gave her a ticket for $25,” Bharti said explaining how he got involved in the case.

“She wrote to them, sent them a cheque for the balance of the $6. They still pursued her for the $25. Then they increased the ticket to $55. Then she approached me. I said okay, let’s teach them a lesson,” said Bharti.

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