Five Signs You May Need a Lawyer

Five Signs You May Need a Lawyer 2


Sure enough, not every legal matter requires the use of an attorney such as fighting a speeding ticket or settling in a small claims court. However, the time may arise when you do need a lawyer to help win your battles in a legal dispute you may not want to risk losing. When those times arrive, it’s smart to hire an experienced lawyer who will do their best to win your case or get you the best deal possible.

Of course, everyone’s legal battles are their own and different to one another. However, there are times when you should hire a lawyer and not risk a potential legal loss. Here are the top signs you need to consider when contemplating whether a lawyer is worth of legal representation fees.

The Law is Complicated

You’re not a lawyer. Therefore, you do not have the full understanding of the law. Of course, most know right from wrong, but they will not have the power, emotional detachment or knowledge to represent themselves.

Even solid cases can quickly unravel and break down when poorly executed, with what seemed like sure-fire wins came quickly becoming losses.

Substantial Evidence Against You

If the police have managed to find evidence that could prove your guilt, then a lawyer has the experience and knowledge to suppress and challenge the evidence that may come against you in court.

Maybe the key piece of evidence was improperly handled in the lab and could have become contaminated, or a witness has suddenly changed their story from an earlier statement. Either way, an attorney will fight your case and defend you the best they can.

The Government Failed You

Sometimes, it isn’t your fault, and the government or state is in the wrong. Therefore, going against such powerhouses can be daunting and nerve-wracking, meaning you have to be well equipped in handling their well-practised lawyers. An example of the state failing the public is the Flint water crisis, where 18,000 homes are subjected to lead-ridden water pipes causing pollution. Thankfully, Michigan residents have hired their own Flint lawyer.

You’re Confused About Pleading

If you know you’ll have to plead, your choice is not limited to pleading guilty. An attorney will be able to strike up deals, explain your options and confer the best course of action. They can also discuss bail and help you avoid penalties. Even if the case against you seems solid, a lawyer may be able to reduce your sentence and add extra conditions such as house arrest after completing so many years in prison.


There are many deadlines, legal procedures and documents that have to be appropriately filled out, filed and completed. If you fail to meet the deadlines or if paperwork has been incorrectly filled, then it could derail your case. This will never work in your favour.

When faced with charges – criminal or not – going to court without a lawyer is rarely the best choice of action. Not only do non-attorneys fail to understand the legal procedure, but even experienced lawyers wouldn’t represent themselves.

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