Free International Calls

Free International calls was just a dream till today but now you can call your loved ones absolutely free and just pay your local call charges and get connected internationally free.

This service is provided by – –

It is easy to use in 3 easy steps –

Step 1 – Check your country if it’s listed on our site.

Step 2. Dial the Access Number –

0424 21 77 42
0424 21 77 43
0424 21 77 44

Step 3.

Just follow the prompts to call international free.

Benefits of using free international calling service –

-no need to sign up
– no credit card or bank details required
– no need to buy calling card or long pin required to dial in.
– Simple easy to use service.
– Directly connect to your loved ones using free international calling service.
– Easy to use direct from you mobile

This service includes free calls to india that means you can call india free and another 80 more destinations like free calls to nz, free calls to us, free calls to south Africa.

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Hope you would enjoy the service after visiting our site –

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